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    UHF PLL IEM Bodyback Receiver

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* The SIEM-111 System features reliable JTS UHF PLL technology.
* There are 961 selectable UHF channels available. As many as 16 sets of SIEM-111T transmitters can operate on the same stage.
* The system offers 4 groups, with each group having 16 compatible preset channels to choose from. This allows the monitor engineer to set up systems quickly and easily.
* MPX Stereo Audio Transmission / Reception, switchable to Mono operation if desired.
* All metal case construction on the SIEM 111R and SIEM 111T
* The JTS advanced circuitry assures outstanding signal-to-noise ratio.
* IE-1 and IE-6 earphones seal off the ear canal with JTS designed Dyna-Driver ear buds which reduce undesired stage noise, ambient sound levels.
* 3 pairs of different sized Silicon sleeves included with the IE series earphones ensure a right fit for the users ear canal and comfort

Please note that no earphones are included with the SIEM 111R as standard. 
Code: 81307
Carrier Frequency Range:
Input Level Select Switch: 0dB / -10dB
Earphone Output: 60mW
Minimum Load Impedance: 16Ω
LCD Display: RF Level, Lock-On, Battery Fuel Gauge, Stereo/Mono, HF booster, Dynamic Limiter, Group, Channel, Mute, Frequency
Output Connector: 3.5mm (1/8
Power Supply: 2x AA
Typical Battery Life: 12+ Hours