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    Automatic Microphone Mixer

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The CS series microphone automatic mixers provide great convenience to sound reinforcement installation with any size and any combination. 
The outstanding performance enables effective managing of multi-microphone installations including corporate boardrooms, conference rooms, government builds, houses of worship, classrooms
Full feature design includes : 
* Daisy-chain with unlimited number of the mixer 
* Three operation modes: one-channel-at-a time, all active or override 
* Switchable inputs accept microphones or line level devices 
* Switchable output levels between mic. and line level 
* Individual gain control and phantom power for each channel 
* Last In stays on for continuous ambience sound 
* Control voltage provided to trigger external device such as speaker switching and camera switching
Code: 81619
Net Dimension (WxHxD): 212 x 44 x 212mm
Net Weight: 1.41kg
Power Supply: 16VDC, 100mA (The attached adapter, 12V, 600mA, isn’t full-loaded, so it can provide enough voltage +16VDC to the Automatic mixer.)
Power Consumption: 4.6W
Input Type: XLR
Mic Input: 4.7KΩ
Line Input: 20kΩ
Output Type: XLR
Mic Output: 300Ω
Line Output: 200Ω
Maximum Output Level: >+19 dB
Maximum Gain: ≥70dBm
Mic/Line Attenuation: -50dB
Phantom Power: +12V
Pad: -10dB
Mic Attenuation: -10dB, -15dB, -20dB
Output Attenuation: -50dB
Frequency Response: 35~20,000Hz ±2dB
THD Input (at 1kHz -50dB): <0.06%
S/N Ratio: >70dBm
Voltage Output: +4VDC±0.3V